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What are my clients saying?


BRITTANY GRAY - We Will Rock You, Producers, Toxic Avenger

Studying with Sue brought my singing voice to a completely new level. Not only did she teach me how to use my voice to it fullest potential, but she also instilled the confidence in me to start chasing my dreams. I always knew that I wanted to be a leading lady in musical theatre, but I simply did not have the belief to put myself out there and let my singing voice shine. Sue is not only brilliant at her craft but she is also a wonderful teacher, mentor, motivator and now friend. Thank you Sue for all of your wonderful help. I could not have accomplished my dreams without you. Note: I booked both the understudy roles of Scaramouch and Oz in WWRY after intensively studying with you and also, shortly there after, The Toxic Avenger playing the lead role of Sarah.

MICHAEL THERRIAULT-Fidler On The Roof, TinPan Alley, Miser (Broadway) 

10 Seasons Stratford Festival, Tommy Douglas Story Mini Series, The Producers, Lord of the Rings.


Susan is an fantastic musician and teacher with tools to help you tackle even the toughest material. She is one of the only people I know that can flip between vastly different music styles effortlessly. She has a range that seems to go on forever without getting tired and no matter where she is singing in her voice, it all sounds easy, connected and powerful. And the beauty is: she likes to share how she does it.



I had many different vocal coaches over the years, and I had the fastest, most rewarding results with Susan! The lessons aren’t consumed with tons of abstract vocal exercises, she gets you to apply the technique immediately. Susan works with YOUR voice and helps you get the most out of your singing! She is extremely talented, easy to work with and very clear and supportive in her instruction. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their range, execution, and to reduce vocal strain. 

OMAR FORRESTLion King, Lord Of The Rings, Stratford Festival

I studied with Susan over the course of 8 months and in that time my vocal ability really improved. Susan’s comfortable work environment, personality and style of teaching really allowed me to open up and relax in my lessons. This in turn allowed me to walk into auditions being confident and prepared! I would highly recommend anyone to take lessons and coachings with her to improve their vocal skills! 


I have been taken lessons from Sue Dunstan for 4 years and she has taught me so much about my voice and been a constant source of support and knowledge. She has helped me tremendously in my transition from theatre school to a professional theatre career. I look at her as an inspiration and friend I trust when I have any sort of questions. I use her techniques and exercises in my daily warm ups and always remember tips she has given me to make singing just feel easier and more free.

AMANDA DeFREITAS - US Tour Hairspray, LionKing, Stratford Festival

Suze!  Susan really listens to what is happening in the voice and really works to give the tools for me to be able to hear and identify those issues myself and be able to trouble shoot them myself long term. Thanks again for the wikid vocal lessons! I always leave your presence feeling on top of the world! YAY! Xoxo Amanders 

MILDA GECAITE – Dirty Dancing, Professional Ballroom Dancer

Susan Dunstan is one of the most upbeat coaches I know, who can prepare you for any audition in a heartbeat. Susan, helped me a great deal when I just started off in the industry, she shared her knowledge, technique and skills to make me feel comfortable and confident in my voice. I am very thankful to have found her, for she made my work more compelling. If you need someone who can coach you for any audition, anytime, getting the best out of you, you must meet this wonderful professional now! 

FELICIA MANFREDI- Teacher- Lover of Music

Sue, You are an AMAZING vocal coach and such an incredible human being! Before seeing Sue, I had lost my vocal range and lost all technique. After a couple of visits, I heard a tremendous difference in my voice! She had me sing in a way, I never knew was possible. I could not believe what I was hearing. She has improved my voice immensely. After every vocal lesson with Sue, I always feel her belief in me; her coaching enabled me to overcome my stage fright and sing for my cousin’s wedding!!! Thank you SO much Sue, for instilling confidence in me, for your expertise, and individualized tailored coaching! Thank you for helping me hone my craft, find my voice, and helping me reach my true vocal potential. - Felicia, Toronto

References for Vocal Workshops

SHELLY MEICHENBAUM - Drama/ Musical Theatre Teacher - TDSB

Susan’s voice workshops give young singers the opportunity to boost their confidence so that they can “let go” and find their voice. She is able to inspire students and make them believe in themselves. As a full time teacher, I really appreciate and value Susan’s ability to connect with young people. Her energetic and practical approach to singing is effective as well as fun for all involved. Susan’s level of expertise combined with her passion for singing is why students are drawn to her and why she is a very effective vocal instructor.

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